My mission is to inspire and empower you to master your mind, so that you can make make better decisions, connect with a deeper, more meaningful part of yourself, and live your life on your terms.

Hi, I’m Jackey!

I specialize in bringing out the absolute best in human beings.


Jackey has had the honour of working with amazing human beings in Asia, Europe and North America. She continues to expand her client network globally. Having successfully taught individuals from scientists, medical professionals and lawyers to executives, musicians, artists, students, parents and children alike. Jackey shows you how to break through the limitations of your  programmed conditioning, egoic labels, self doubt and insecurities, so that you learn exactly what it takes to achieve outstanding results and  experience life on your terms. 

A student of life long learning...

Jackey Backman, has a 20+ year career as an acclaimed International Speaker, Adviser, Mentor and Author in the field of human potentiality and outstanding human performance. With a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, Certified in Emotional Intelligence and  Detecting Truth and Credibility as well as a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistics Programming, and has worked as a Top level Leadership Consultant / Advisor, specializing in Outstanding Performance and Organizational Leadership. Jackey comes well equipped to navigate you through the challenges of your conditioning. 

With her unparalleled knowledge and ability to navigate within human potentiality and personal development fields,  she provides you entirely new paradigms often overlooked by mainstream thinkers. The same paradigms are embraced by some of the worlds most valued and respected leaders, professionals and downright outstanding human beings of all walks of life.

She makes even the most complex concepts simple to understand and apply.

By teaching people how to harness the untapped possibilities within their own consciousness, navigate the realm of universal laws and apply the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, she empowers them beyond conventional methodologies and enables them to excel often times beyond what they thought was possible for them. 

A candid yet compassionate international speaker, advisor, mentor and author she has delivered inspiring and life changing  programs to more than 30,000 people. She has  produced and distributed audio and video programs, authored countless articles and  documented her own personal experience with death in her book “I died and its all good".  

Jackey is absolutely committed to a life of authenticity, passion, humour and fun. She continues to produce outstanding educational programs and private mentorship through her hugely successful 9 Principles of Personal Power program. As a citizen of the world Jackey  feels blessed to be able to call both Europe and North American home. Besides working with you, she loves spending time with her beautiful sons and her extended global family.