Goal Setting - Does Goal Setting make a difference?

goal setting

Yesterday I was watching an interview with Terry Crews, I like him, he seems like a genuine guy.  

So he’s talking about how he’s bee writing down his goals for 15 years.  Back in the day he explains he use to take out a Franklin planner and write out his goals every day.  Looking back through the journals, he explained, he realized that he achieved every single goal he wrote down. 

He even had a goal to start earning 1,000,000.00 a year and he chuckles when he says this because when he wrote the goal he didn’t have any idea as how he would achieve it, and now he earns far beyond that amount.

I tell you this, goal setting is as important to achieving what you want in life as know the destination before you start driving your car.  No destination, no way you’ll get there. 

I mean if I told you to get in your car and start driving the first thing you’d ask is “where we going?” 

So why don’t people set goals?

I’d say primarily for two reasons:

  1. They don’t know what a goal is - it’s the truth, you may think its crazy but heck I had no idea what a proper goal was until I was around maybe 30. 
  2. They’re afraid they won’t reach them.  The only thing I could say to that is this; you wouldn’t avoid giving yourself a destination when getting into your car…even if you’ve never been there before. You’d set the course, look at possible alternate routes, get what you need for the journey and go.  So yeah its possible you won’t get there the way you thought you would… but if you know where you’re going you’ll get there eventually. Stay the course. 

I remember Brian Tracy talking about research from three separate biz university in the USA. They spoke with graduates from various biz schools and noted some had gone on to be incredibly financially successful while others had not.  Despite the same education they had different results in life.  The key difference according to this research is the ones who were financially successful had set financial goals for themselves and adhered to the process of achieving them.  The others in fact had NOT set financial goals. 

That simple.  

You can leave your achievements to chance or you can take simple actions steps towards them.

You got this!  

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