Mindset Reset - Does mindset really matter?


I look at Mindset as how one sets their mind. 

Have you ever just decided that you’re doing something and you do it? That’s mindset, you’ve set your mind on something and then you take action. 

You’ve probably heard people say things like “he’s got a crappy mindset” or even “her mind is set on that” lol or “set on them”  or at least something like this, I’m sure you get the idea. 

Its important to understand that mindset isn’t something that happens to us it’s something we choose. Albeit for many it’s not always a conscious decision.

With time and a lot of studying. learning and teaching, I’ve come  to realize that we usually employ different mindsets for different tasks. 

If you’re doing something you’re looking forward to vs something you’re not looking forward to well you’ll probably notice that you’re thinking, feeling and behaving accordingly. 

Maybe a little whiny or complaining when it's something you don’t want to do and maybe excited and smiley with the second. 

Learning how to “change your mind” so that you are acting from the most empowered, resource place is absolutely gold. 

It is truly the essence of owning your personal power. 

The ability to be able to manage your experiences through what you choose to believe.  The bottom line is no matter what happens to us we can choose how we’re going to get ourselves through it by choosing how we decide to “think” about the situation 

Putting forth your best game, having a great night out with friends, learning something new, and getting yourself to things, over things and through things all comes with learning how to use your brain for change and that comes from becoming the master of your self through your mind. 

You have the power - you got this!

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