Is it time to kill the cow?

The story goes something like this:

A young traveller tired and destitute stumbled upon a humble homestead. The owner welcomed them in with open arms and an open heart.

Though very poor the owner was happy to share and explained to the traveller they don't have much a small garden and their amazing cow, which provides them with so much of their daily requirements.

The traveller stayed a few days and with a full belly and having had received so much love, went on their way feeling grateful and blessed.

Some time passed and the traveller now abundant, was speaking with a mentor. They shared how this family helped them and gave them a new perspective on life and they wanted to repay their gratitude but couldn't imagine how as they were quite impoverished and it would take so much. The mentor suggested quite simply "you must kill the cow". Shocked by such an outrageous suggestion the traveller challenged the mentor, but they repeated again "you must kill the cow".

So the traveller, snuck onto the property late one night and killed the cow. A year passed and the traveler troubled by what they had done decided to pay a visit to the property owner. When he arrived they were shocked to see that the humble homestead as no longer there. In it's place a magnificent homestead and what seemed to be a lodging facility for travellers. The owner greeted the traveler with joy and laughter. The traveller was dumbfounded by the massive changes and in such a short period of time, but naturally was so relieved to see they were not suffering. In fact they were flourishing.

"My goodness so much here has changed." said the traveller. 'Yes!" replied the owner, "We are no longer suffering. Some time back someone came during the night and killed our beloved cow. We were devastated. My family cried so much and  I was losing my mind with what to do. So one day I said enough is enough,  and accepted my fate. Without the cow I would need to find another way and that's what I did."

No longer a prisoner limited by the merger offerings of a cow the family continued to flourish and provide sanctuary for family and travellers alike.

The morale of the story: Sometimes it's that thing which you believe is critical to your joy, abundance, success, is actually what is keeping you from having it.  

Is it time to kill the cow?

**No actual cows were harmed in the sharing of this story, nor does the sharer wish any harm to beloved cows.

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