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Each speaking engagement is an opportunity for me to deeply connect with your company and people, understanding their unique journeys and challenges. This allows me to distill practical advice and relevant insights that align with the transformative work I'm known for.

Speaking Topics:

Have something else in mind? Lets connect and brainstorm something that will meet you where you are. 

The Empowered Mind Workshops: 

➤ Know YourSELF:

Get ready for self discovery and fun while Jackey helps you uncover why you get along so well with some people & not so well with others.  This eye opening experience is guaranteed to bring your teams together by showing them that people aren't being difficult, that we're just different...except of course when they are being difficult.

Powerful CommunicationSkills@work 

Body language, tone, eye rolling, passive aggression, aggression and passive are all ways in which we communicate. Discover your “go to” communication style and you discover what to stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing what does.

Never be overlooked, unheard and misunderstood again.

 Dealing with Difficult People@anywhere

 Diffuse any difficult situation like a pro. 

If you can’t manage your emotions in difficult situations, you’re the one that’s going to come out looking like an ass. 

Self Awareness, Self Regulating, What to say, How to say it, any situation.. you can learn.

I'll show you how. 

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Behind The Empowered Mind

Jackey Backman is an acclaimed International Speaker, Advisor, Mentor, and Author with over 20 years of experience in transformation and empowerment.

With her personal growth framework, Jackey has helped individuals from all walks of life achieve extraordinary results through speaking engagements, retreats, and programs. Her expertise spans leadership development, mental and emotional wellbeing, personal empowerment, and transformation. 

Jackey's ability to simplify complex concepts and provide new paradigms has earned her recognition from respected leaders and professionals worldwide. 

Jackey empowers individuals to surpass their limitations and achieve unimaginable results.