You can't sleep walk your way to your  destiny...

Introducing the realm of Personal Power, where 9 Principles stand as the pillars of transformation. These principles may seem simple at first glance, but don't be fooled – they are the catalysts for profound change. As you immerse yourself in their practice, they will not only push your boundaries but also shake the very foundation of your beliefs...

Small steps make big changes


Welcome to the journey of self-discovery, where each phase leads you closer to unveiling the extraordinary within.


Phase 1: Imagine plunging into the depths of your potential, exploring the uncharted territories of your capabilities. It's a thrilling dive into the unknown, where every stroke propels you further towards self-realization and empowerment.

Phase 2: Now, it's time to delve even deeper – not just into your potential, but into your very essence. With unwavering courage, confront the barriers that have held you back. Embrace the shadows, confront the fears, and emerge stronger, more self-aware than ever before.

Phase 3: But you're not alone in this journey. Picture yourself surrounded by your inner circle – a supportive network of allies and mentors cheering you on. Together, you create a fortress of strength and encouragement, fostering growth and resilience.


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Jackey Backman is an acclaimed International Speaker, Advisor, Mentor, and Author with over 25 years of experience in realm personal growth & transformation. 

Whether through her speaking engagements, retreats, workshops and her Signature online 9 Principles of Personal Power Program, Jackey has helped individuals from all walks of life achieve

extra-ordinary results . 

 Jackey memorizes audiences and empowers individuals to surpass their limitations and achieve unimaginable results. 

Find purpose, unleash your potential, and explore your truth.

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Big changes come in small steps

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