My mission is to inspire and empower you to master your mind, so that you can make make better decisions, connect with a deeper, more meaningful part of yourself, and live your life on your terms.

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When you are able to look at your life as it truly is, your next step becomes obvious. No longer will you feel stuck, or feel like something is missing.  Without awareness nothing changes.

Acceptance is being able to look at yourself without judgement, shame, or self doubt.  Until then you will continue to settle for less than you deserve. You will continue to struggle because you do not trust that you actually do know what is best for you

Only at this point will you be able to successfully apply all of those tips, tactics and "how to's" you've invested so much time and energy on. Only once you've revealed your truth and are willing to honour it will you be living life on your terms. 

You can do this, and I can show you how. 


Hey it's great to have you here. I'm Jackey.

Do you ever feel that even though you've checked all the boxes: education, partner, marriage, career, children, something is still missing?

It's just a feeling, you don't really understand it and maybe you even feel guilty about it.  I've been there.

It was rough and very confusing. I went around the world a few times, lived in a few different countries, lost almost everything I had more than once (people too). I even had a breakdown and died once. I kept looking. I learned a lot of really cool stuff, still learning in fact. 

It turns out, what I was looking for wasn't to be found, at least not out there. It was right inside me the whole time.  How could I know that though? I didn't know what to look for, and everybody was selling me  something.  

But I found my way. 

I started sharing what I did to get here and just like that a whole bunch of people just like you starting finding their way too.

When you're ready I'll show you what I did. Heck, I'll even tag along if you'd like ..but You gotta drive.  

Keep tripping and have a great day.

9 Principles of Personal  Power

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You cannot understand what you do not accept.

You are not your behaviour.

You cannot become what you cannot see.