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hybrid framework that creates a tailored system to meet individuals wherever they may be on their personal growth journey.

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Discover New Knowledge with IQ:

IQ, which stands for "Intelligence Quotient," measures your thinking abilities. Think of it as your ability to learn and solve problems. Jackey encourages you to challenge yourself with new information, learn from credible sources, and apply that knowledge to grow.

Embrace Emotional Intelligence with EQ:

EQ, or "Emotional Quotient," is all about understanding and managing emotions. It's crucial for healthier relationships with yourself and others. Jackey's EQ framework has four stages:
Self-awareness: Recognizing and understanding your emotions and beliefs.

Self-management: Learning to control your reactions and feelings in different situations.

→ Other awareness: Becoming more empathetic and understanding other people's emotions.

Other management: Interacting effectively with others, resolving conflicts, and building positive relationships.

Explore Deeper with SQ:

SQ, or "Spiritual Quotient," Is not religion in any way shape or form. Spirituality is your relationship with yourself and the world you live in. It involves exploring your purpose, values, and the connection to something greater than yourself. Jackey defines different stages of spiritual growth, from initial awareness to profound consciousness and interconnectedness.

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Meet The Personal Growth Guru!


Jackey Backman is an acclaimed International Speaker, Advisor, Mentor, and Author with over 20 years of experience in transformation and empowerment. 

With her personal growth framework, Jackey has helped individuals from all walks of life achieve extraordinary results through speaking engagements, retreats, and programs. Her expertise spans leadership development, overcoming mental health challenges, personal empowerment, and transformation. 

 Through her teachings on consciousness, universal laws, and Emotional & Spiritual intelligence, Jackey empowers individuals to surpass their limitations and achieve unimaginable results. 

Unleash your potential, improve emotional intelligence, and explore your spirituality.

Embark on an exhilarating journey of personal growth with us, no matter where you currently stand. Unleash your potential and take decisive action towards your goals.

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