"Money is the root of all evil” - or is it?

So many of us grew up hearing this old adage, and many of us believed it. 

Though I could say any of us could find a lot of evidence to support this adage- we could also find evidence to discard it.  In fact I believe that we can do a lot more good with money than we could without it.  

The root of all evil does however exist.

It’s found in three core beliefs which unfortunately all of us  while journeying through life will come up against. 

Becoming aware of them (first step in the process of change) noticing when they’re coming up is actually your best bet in learning how to overcome those nasty ego/fear driven limitations.

The true root of all evil are found in investing in these beliefs, by doing so we hold ourselves back in fear and self judgement and project that onto those around us and the world we see. 

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. I’m not deserving 
  3. I do not trust

At a core level, these limiting beliefs surface at some level for all of us. I’m not saying that we all swim around in these beliefs all day everyday… but I will say they come up daily. 

If you start paying attention to what you say you will start to notice them. 

“I could never do that” “yes but that lifestyle is for rich people”  “I’m not doing it right, “you must do it this way for it to work”  all of these quick examples of these beliefs in action. 

I’m not good enough

Can show up in our lives as perfectionism, overachieving, lack of boundaries (can’t say no). Not even applying for the job or writing a kick butt cover letter, or being afraid of what people will think of the coffee stain on our shirt… all fear of not being good enough. 

I’m not deserving

Can show up in our lives as never able to make the money we want, find the a great partner, a great job, not even asking for what we want all potentially a belief we are not good enough. Or again and I repeat not even applying for the job or writing a kick butt cover letter, or being afraid of what people will think of the coffee stain on our shirt…

I do not trust

Shows up as worrying; if our children will come home safely, if you’re making the right decisions, overthinking, whether a partner is cheating, whether we’ll find our next amazing job. The need to control everything or most things, all are ways “not trusting” gets in our way.

I could go on for hours on this, but for now just remember this nothing and nobody can make you anything… your obstacles are coming from the conditioning which have molded your beliefs and thereby your values. 

You are good enough, You deserve to experience good things and everything is always working out for you….you just learn to let it. 

You got this!

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