What defines you?

What defines you?
*I have lived in 4 countries and some 20 cities.
*I have raised 2 amazing sons (with a lot of help).
*I have been married and divorced twice  (my 2nd ex is still my one of the best friends I've ever had),
*I have taught more than 30,000 people (not all at once thank goodness.)
*I have coached, mentored and inspired people step into an empowered mindset and ultimately an empowered life. (they wanted it more than anything)
*I have died- NDE (it was super cool but I came back 😜).
*I have been manipulated and screwed over by people who saw a trusting person and took advantage of my willingness to believe in them. (They probably think they “won”)
*I have been deeply betrayed by people, who at the time I held close to my heart, whom I loved and who I would have trusted with my life. (I still love them...from a distance, but I am very glad I didn’t trust them with my life)
*I have sought out and received help to move through those personal devastations, and now I continue to walk the path of empowerment and show others the way.
*I have received unwavering support, honesty and love from so many, including complete strangers (maybe thats what they mean when they say angels walk amongst us)
*NONE of those things Define who I am.
*What has happened to you does NOT define who you are.
*How you choose to BE not only in good times but when life is hard, DEFINES YOU
*How you choose to show up in your own life each day, DEFINES YOU
*The fact that you choose to persevere even when you feel like dying, DEFINES YOU
*What defines you is having the COURAGE to stand by YOUR VALUES and REMAIN AUTHENTIC to your core.
*What defines you is FINDING the courage to unearth your own values and recognize your authentic self.
At the end of your life, may you be able to look back at all you have thought, said and done, and say:
“That was a good use of a life, I did good”
**Dad rowing his way around the Maltese islands on the kayak he built. Such a well defined man

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