You are not your behaviour.

So you acted poorly.  Maybe you lost your temper, said something incredibly rude, uncalled for, we all do it.  

I’m not trying to excuse it by any means. I want to point out that you don’t have to continue to respond poorly and you definitely don’t have to beat the crap out of yourself over how you behaved.  Telling yourself thats “who you are” is a mistake. It will make you feel like crap and eventually you’ll start to believe it.  Instead you can learn how to 

Take ownership of the behaviour, and that can change your life.  

It’s very important to learn to understand what motivated the behaviour and I can assure you it wasn’t the actions person making your coffee, or driving in front of you. They may have been a catalyst but without a doubt and as a matter of fact your behaviour is a physical manifestation of what you’re thinking.  

Your reactive behaviour, was a projection you put into the situation based on a thought process or a below the surface belief you have that tells you you’re not good enough, not deserving or simply not trusting. 

This may sound a little whacky, stick around it gets whackier and then it makes sense. 

All behaviour starts with thoughts. Thoughts become feelings, feelings become behaviours.

Thats it - simple.  

You would have to be thinking something which makes you feel challenged or threatened in someway in order to behave poorly.  

Just imagine you see someone a few metres away pointing at what appears to be you and laughing while they talk to their friends. Depending on what you choose to think about why they are pointing and laughing will 100% determine how you choose to feel about yourself and then project that onto the situation subsequently you will acton those thoughts and feelings. Period - drop the mic. 

If you want learn to behave in a way which is more aligned with your highest vision of your best self, then you’re gonna want to invest in yourself and into learning how to do that. 

They definitely didn’t teach us at school. Self education is the only way. 

You are not your behaviour is a critical belief to acquire in this personal growth.

You see if you in any way start to believe you are your behaviour instead of believing the fact your behaviour is a response to your insecure thoughts, then you will be forever at the mercy of the world around. 

You would be taking how you choose (whether consciously or not) to a level of personal identity.  

This is a counter productive decision as behaviour is relatively easy to change, who you are is not. 

Someone who smokes cigarettes is not a “smoker” they are a person who chooses to smoke.

Someone who overeats is not a victim of their weight, they are a person who for whatever  reason chooses to eat too much. 

Someone who rages and blames others for their failings is a person who is choosing to  be forever at the mercy of others - a slave for all intents and purposes to their own mind and the world they believe they are seeing around them. (check out my stuff on the RAS - it will explain this well) 

Whatever you choose… choose wisely - You got this.

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