You cannot become what you cannot see.


You are what you think about. Look around your life, the good, the bad, the wth’s all of it are just simply the manifestations of what you’ve been thinking about manifestations of your most powerfully embedded beliefs.  

If you’re not imagining your best life, making the goals, taking the actions deliberately towards them, essentially you’re taking steps away from them… or at least leaving it to chance.

This of course is not your fault.  It is however your responsibility if you want to change it 

If you like me have been through our education system you have been very well conditioned to do as you’re told and follow the mainstream. So without a conscious deliberate effort to continue your self education process you’re just gonna keep getting whatever shows up.  

That said, it’s important to learn how to let go of things. You’ve probably heard this “let go” it’s quite on trend these days. But what they usually don’t tell you about letting go and its’ really important, is you’ve got to know where it is you’re going first, then to allow yourself to believe you can get there.

As long as you’re not trying to make other people do your bidding or control them in any way. You’re good.  

Besides the person who is attempting to control, manipulate etc is really evidence of messed up dtysfunctioning internal software thats showing the world just out of control, potentially weak minded they actually are. So if you have had a habit of doing that… stop  it’s ugly, do better. 

Take just five percent of the energy you spend on trying to control other people or situations and apply it to what you can actually control. Then learn how to do things differently. I know that may sound like one of those “ a lot easier said than done” things but I’ll challenge that too.  

All that ugly comes back around and I promise you those people the control, insecure ones… their life is hell. Gosh just imagine what it must the energy spent on trying to predict and control. 

Sure it will take some effort and you will invest in yourself with some self education / personal development - but you’re worth it and the life you could be living would be way better, because you would actually be in control of you. 

So you’re gonna have to courage up and do this on your own. Don’t worry there’s a ton of us out there who can help show you find your way (not their way - anyway says they have found the way… run the other direction)

You do that and I promise you’ll start to experience massive growth in your life.

You’re better than that. I mean it. You really are, you are not your behaviour, you’re not and you deserve good things and you wherever you are it’s good enough.

So dare to dream, imagine yourself being that which you desire. See that best version of yourself, remind yourself often, daily, and smile knowing it can be so. Then… let it go and trust.

You got this.

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